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Working together with Jewish Family Service Houston (JFS) can enable you to diversify your workforce, expand your employee selection, increase your talent retention and promote inclusion.

Disability Training Workshop

Our interactive workshop, The Other D in DEI - Disability Does Not Discriminate, a ReelWorkplace Program, provides employees and companies with practical skills to foster more inclusive experiences for their staff and clients. Request a workshop online.

We help businesses: 
  • Create a welcoming environment for customers, the public and employees by using people-first language
  • Receive timely and ongoing support to the employee and ongoing coaching with the employer
  • Enhance employee retention and productivity by providing reasonable accommodations for employees
  • Increase your organization's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through interactive and interesting employee education programs

Employment Programs

MainStreet Opportunities

Assisting individuals with disabilities or other barriers with finding employment

JFS Employment Services provides job counseling to assist individuals with disabilities or other barriers in meeting their career goals, productivity and self-sufficiency.

Celebration Company

A social entrepreneurial program for adults with disabilities

Celebration Company provides life skills, vocational training and meaningful employment to individuals who, with joy and purpose, provide services and create products that celebrate the good things in life.


ReelAbilities Houston Film Festival is a FREE city-wide film and arts festival that promotes inclusion and celebrates the lives, stories and talents of people with disabilities, making an impact that lasts far beyond the week of the festival. These films showcase people’s abilities in an interesting and entertaining way.

Companies are invited to host a screening of a film or speaker-led discussion at your site. A special business presentation each year during the festival focuses on disabilities in the workplace.

ReelWorkplace programming includes disability etiquette, how to hire employees who have a disability and how to provide reasonable accommodations.

The Center for Art & Photography

The purchase of a photograph or original art by Celebration Company photographers and artists supports this program and the artistic expressions of its photographers. In addition to purchasing photos, there are two important ways you can support the artists of Celebration Company:

1. Purchase art to fill your space.

2. Commission photo shoots for your projects or place of business.

Celebration Company art & photographs are proudly featured at Martha Turner Properties, Lewis Property Company, Gensler and TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital.

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