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Comprehensive career counseling services assisting clients in obtaining productive careers

Finding, maintaining and advancing in a job can be difficult without the proper support. Whether you're looking for full-time or part-time employment, Jewish Family Service (JFS) can help you enhance your career and promotion opportunities through building a strategic and personal development vocational plan. Even if you've had a large gap in employment, changing career paths or aren't sure where to start, we can help and continue to support you even after day one.

We help you:
  • Develop an effective job search strategy based on your interests, education and experience
  • Articulate your experience, skills and abilities with a resume, cover letters and interviews
  • Create a useful networking contact list and implement an on-going plan to connect with people and businesses
  • Develop an accurate and useful list of transferable skills
  • Determine education needs including degrees, certifications, and licenses

You've got this!

Basic Package

Learn how to prepare a professional resume, write an informative cover letter, and thank you notes.  Learn how to improve your job search through LinkedIn and other social media.

Professional Package

Receive assistance in planning and organizing your job search.  Organize resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes that target your job search.  Learn how to improve your job search through LinkedIn and other social media.  Through mock interviews improve your interviewing technique.

Premium Package

Assess your career,determine the best direction for you through professional career counseling. Resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, social media will be prepared along with mock interviews to enhance your ability to obtain the right career.

Job Search Guide

A comprehensive list of resources to assist you in organizing your job search with information about resumes, networking, interviewing and job acceptance.

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"JFS means my independence, a regained sense of self-worth and that all the turmoil, obstacles and anger were not in vain. To have someone in the world who never gives up on you, that is a gift."
-Client, Employment Services
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Please complete the Employment Services Intake form to begin receiving services from JFS Houston. Your information is kept confidential. JFS Employment Services provides client information only to authorized public funding agencies or, with your knowledge, to a potential employer as part of a referral to a job possibility.

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The JFS Employment Services Networking Group brings together volunteers to advise, mentor and assist clients in obtaining employment.
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