20in22 Challenge

Recruiting and hiring a person with a disability is good for business. Join JFS and the Alexander Institute for Inclusion in securing employment for 20 people with disabilities in 2022. Explore and expand what your company is currently doing to be inclusive and welcoming.

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Why Inclusion is Important
People with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else and should be employed at places that are the right environment for them. We look at everything from transportation to and from work, environment and job fit when we work with people. That’s when workplace inclusion works best.
Employer Benefits
Statistically, people with disabilities have lower absentee and lower turnover rates. Businesses that practice inclusion experience increased productivity and higher levels. Employees with disabilities often have higher retention rates.

Alexander Institute for Inclusion

Lowering stigmas related to disabilities in the workplace, places of faith and communal organizations through direct service, education, arts and advocacy.

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Stories of
"If your organization isn’t hiring people with disabilities, you’re missing out on an untapped talent pool.”
Laura Alter, Manager of Employment Services
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Jamie Paul Weiner
Stories of
“People with disabilities tend to seek stable and reliable work. If they apply for an entry-level position, they tend to stay in that position."
Jamie Paul Weiner, Manager of Disability Services & Alexander Institute for Inclusion
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Jamie Paul Weiner

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