Job Search Guide

A successful job search takes preparation and time.

Jewish Family Service Houston (JFS) Career and Employment Center offers this guide to assist you in organizing your job search and give you information about resumes, networking, interviewing and job acceptance. Whether you are looking for a career change or just a job to pay your bills, job searching is personal and, at times, a difficult process.

As you move into your job search, think about the type of job you would be happy doing at this time. Consider the job tasks, physical environment and employer culture. Taking the time to research jobs, employers and education will be useful as you apply and interview for positions. Explore these key considerations and other resources below. Then, let us know how we can help.

Key Considerations:

  • Job tasks: What will you do at the job; what tools will you use?
  • Environment: Inside or outside? Office or large open area? In person or virtual?
  • Employer mission: Do your goals align with the employer’s goals, vision and culture?
Key steps in your job search:
  • Organize your job search to keep up-to-date lists
  • Update your resume
  • Develop your networking list
  • Practice your interviewing skills & elevator speech
  • Create your social media pages

We Provide Help

Getting Started

Organizing your job search is your first priority.

Learn where to find jobs, networking tips, how to use social media and how to write your best elevator speech.


How to write your resume in 10 easy steps.

In addition to writing your resume, learn the different types of resumes and check out examples.

Interviewing Skills

Learn the different types of interviews so you can prepare your responses.

Get ready for an interview by learning the different types of interviews, prepare with sample interview questions and identify your transferable skills. Plus, tips on salary trends and how to accept a job offer.

Job Loss Circumstances

Almost everyone experiences job loss at some time.

Process what happens when you are terminated or experience a layoff.

Partner Resources

Employment Services partners with a variety of community organizations to  provide the most up to date resources to our clients. 

Common Questions about Planning a Job Search

I keep applying to jobs online, but I do not get any interviews. What am I doing wrong?
I hate to network and ask people for a job. What should I do?
I am not sure what type of job I want to find. How do I figure it out?

Resources & News

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