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Community Outreach Services [read more]

The impact of Jewish Family Service extends far beyond its own clients. Through training workshops, consultation services and community-wide events, JFS offers its expertise to the Jewish community, mental health community and community at-large.

Community Consultation Services

JFS professionals provide consultation to the staffs of camps, schools, day care centers, youth groups and other organizations. This service includes assessments and recommendations to the professionals of these organizations. Our goal is to support the mental health of children, youth, families and seniors, and the work of the organizations that serve them. For more information, contact Sophie Gluzkater sgluzkater@jfshouston.org, or (713) 667-9336 x127.

Counseling For Children [read more]

Raising children in these times can stress even the best of parents. It is reasonable to have questions and concerns throughout this process. Jewish Family Service believes that many worries can be relieved by a consultation with one of our licensed therapists or counselors.

Counseling For Adolescents

It is often easier to see problems when children are young. And, most parents know exactly what to do to help.

Counseling For Individuals, Couples & Families [read more]

Life events and life cycle changes can bring about stressful times. Jewish Family Service offers individual and group counseling services for those seeking tools to manage life’s challenges and transitions.

JFS Disability Services [read more]

JFS Disability Services has developed an online Resource Guide that provides much needed information to families of children and adults with a wide variety of functional disabilities. To access the guide, go to http://www.jfshouston.org/resourceguide.php.

To learn more about how JFS Disability Services Alexander Institute for Inclusion is reducing stigmas related to disabilities, go to http://www.jfshouston.org/disability_services/alexander_institute_inclusion.php.

Jewish Chaplaincy Program [read more]

Being in a hospital is often an isolating and difficult experience. Jewish Family Service brings the Jewish community to patients in hospitals of the Texas Medical Center and surrounding areas.

Jewish Hospice Program

Volunteers and Chaplains provide emotional and supportive care and Jewish spiritual presence to patients in their homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. For more information, call (713) 667-9336 or email hospice@jfshouston.org.

Career Counseling & Assessment [read more]

Finding a job can be a difficult and stressful process. Jewish Family Service has the expertise to provide job seekers with career counseling and assessment.

Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston's Young Adult Division with support from Jewish Family Service, the Houston Rabbinic Association, and UHY - formerly Mann Frankfort Stein & Lipp LLP

Project Shalom [read more]

Project Shalom was established to help those with persistent and pervasive mental illness maintain a connection to the Jewish community. For over a decade, this special program has provided a place for these individuals to increase their social skills and reduce the likelihood of hospitalization.


Due to the dwindling flow of resettlement requests, JFS has chosen to suspend active resettlement efforts. However, the resettlement program is merely dormant, and JFS is poised to use its wealth of knowledge and experience to help anyone who contacts us for assistance. If you are in need of resettlement or are an agency establishing resettlement services, please call 713-667-9336 x 213.

Senior Adult Services [read more]

As people age, it is important for them to maintain their independence as much as possible. Jewish Family Service offers services and solutions to help seniors and their families work toward this goal.

Shalom Bayit

The mission of the Shalom Bayit Program is to work towards creating peace in the home, particularly within the Jewish community, and to dispel the myth that abuse does not occur in Jewish homes, through direct services to all survivors of abuse, prevention and educational programming, and advocacy for social changes needed to eliminate violence in the home. For more information, please contact us.

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