Disaster Services

harvey victims get help

JFS's role after a local disaster is to assist those who are impacted with long-term recovery case management. Partnering with other community groups who offer rescue and early stage relief, those who need more longer-term assistance can then work with JFS to navigate the journey to stabilization and recovery.

Experience has shown that there is typically a three to five year recovery for families whose lives were turned upside down by this type of event. JFS reminds those impacted that even after a family is resettled and furniture is replaced, family relationships, financial stability and a sense of personal security may still need to be addressed to complete a full recovery.

Case management services are underwritten by United Way of Greater Houston, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston. Disaster Recovery Services Offered:

  • Providing case management to navigate families from recovery to resettlement
  • Providing resources to locate temporary or long-term housing, furnishings and other immediate needs
  • Providing immediate short-term financial aid
  • Navigation of FEMA application and insurance benefits
  • Providing access to volunteers to clients to help with packing and unpacking, cleaning, sorting through items, documenting losses
  • Coordinating with local and national volunteer groups to "muck out" homes
  • Providing counseling and support group services for children and adults
  • Assist our clients (who have completed the intake process) with resources to get into temporary or long-term housing
  • Assist our clients with resources/donations/discounted furnishings to make their current living conditions more comfortable

For any questions please contact Morgan Zeringue, Manager of Disaster Services.


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